Refund & Return Policy

Effective Date: August 16, 2021

This Return and Refund Policy (the “Policy”) covers any items or services you have purchased from:

(hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Service“, or “Services“).

Strohat, LLC (hereinafter collectively referred to as “us“, “we“, or “our“) are pleased to serve you with the best experience possible. All terms in this Policy shall have the definitions provided in our Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise provided herein.

Digital Products

We stand behind our products and services and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, because some of our products and services are digital, we do not offer refunds for them.

Downloads of our digital products or use of our digital services are closely monitored to ensure you can successfully access them. Please contact us for any issues you might face during this process, and we will be happy to assist you.

Refund Procedure

Where products or service are eligible for a refund, we offer the following refund methods. Eligibility for any particular type of refund shall be made in our sole discretion.


We offer exchanges on products and services for products or services with the same or less value of the Purchased products or service. If there is a remaining balance after the exchange, we will offer another form of refund, if eligible.

In-Store Credit:

We offer In-Store credit where you will be able to hold a balance with us to purchase items. The duration, amount, and validity of the in-store credit will be disclosed when offered to you. The in-store credit may be for the full or partial value of the product or service, based upon our sole discretion.


All requests for refunds must be received by us within 3 days from the date of purchase of the product or service. Please make sure to contact us within 3 days if you desire a refund.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us.